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The reason why flowers sing

By Gerardo Puertas Gómez.

February 20th, 2013

We arrive to life on white and under white we leave towards death. We enjoy our food on a white tablecloth and so do we enjoy white in bed. On white we call for love and we invoke the Mystery.

White: cloth or shroud, lace or linen, quilt or ornament. White: cry or silence, food or sex, partner or deity. Foam and clouds that accompany human existence from the first dawn till the last light.

Art is life and death, table and bed, love and Mistery. Maybe that is why we paint on a white canvas, and we write poetry on a white paper.

It is not by accident that Maria Fernanda Barrero, an artist with sensibility and rich creativity, chooses white and paper to build a language that is simultaneously figurative and abstract, while being intimately connected to the world of nature and oriented undoubtedly with the world of ideas.

Barrero, educated in Monterrey, Mexico, the United Kindgom and Japan, shows here her most recent work.

The Facultad Libre de Dereco de Monterrey and its program LiberArte in collaboration with Alternatva Once Gallery, is happy to present a project of exceptional attentiveness and notable solidity.

Monterrey, Mexico

February 20th, 2013.


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