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Escaping from Maya

The Escaping from Maya Series is a group of drawings, or monochrome white relieves, constructed from small paper cutouts. A detailed image is generated, as the observer gets closer to the piece.

This project began upon a series of drawings and sketches from Mrs. Maria Crouch, who studied with a famous Chinese teacher in San Francisco, California, and in 2003 she inherited them to the author. This archive is a group of tests, unapproved sketches, failed attempts, unfinished and finished drawings, color tests, letters, old pigments, and photocopies. All this material (supposedly considered as failed or unfinished) insinuates subtly Asian aesthetics and its learning methods and models where the artist aspires perfection rather than innovation and therefore copies, replicates, repeats (and reinterprets inevitably, as well) until the technique is mastered.

This project embraces these ignored drawings and transcribes them to its own context, a point where two aesthetic models touch and flirt with each other. And where they are inevitably reinterpreted through another conditioned mind and reinserted into a practice where the main tool is the reconstruction of monochrome spaces.


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