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Artist Statement (short)

The central aim of my practice is to investigate the spatial sense of self as a means to observe that everything in life is interdependent. I begin with two axioms: (1) everything is part of a whole and is a whole itself, and (2) life is a multifaceted organism. Therefore, life is understood as a web of relationships and experiences that happen within space.

I use sculpture to examine how our perceptual experiences and our spatial sense of self connect us to this life network. My tools are the monochrome, color, silence, light, and the containment of space. My motifs are everyday objects such as books or chairs, enclosed spaces, everyday observations, plants, landscapes, stars, the earth and the sky, dawn and dusk. My fundamental actions consist of replicating, containing, constructing, tracing, mapping, weaving, joining, and embracing. With these, I seek to elaborate a full poetics of paradise, to achieve symbiosis, to draw interdisciplinary elements from botany, literature, geography, and astronomy into life continuums, e.g. running through what is up and down, miniature and massive. Indeed, these are all latent metaphors for the interdependent network that is life.

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