Paper Environments, 2007-2012

A Garden at Dawn. Sculpture, 2010

Solo exhibition at Alternativa Once Gallery

Monterrey, Mexico

Paper Garden, 2009

This piece was commissioned by the AAF London Art Fair for the Recent UK Graduates 2009 Exhibition. 

This project was installed in the Slade Degree Show 2008 in the Slade School of Fine Arts in June, 2008. The piece, entirely created in paper and without any other structural material, was part of the author’s M. F. A. degree exam. 

The aim of Paper Bedroom was to create a quotidian, self-contained, recognizable, silent, and monochrome space that received the visitor. This created the opportunity of a perceptual experience where life’s interdependence became tangible.

Paper Bedroom creates an everyday, intimate space where every object is replicated in paper with great detail. The objects are inspired in the author’s past and present bedrooms, but they also resemble commonly found bedroom elements. Therefore every object, and the space itself, float silently in space and time alluding both to memories and archetypes.

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Paper Bedroom, 2008

Slade Degree Show 08

University College London

Paper House was the first white paper installation. It was built for the project A Room Within a Room in the Slade Research Centre at Woburn Square, London. Paper was chosen as a main material due to its cost and accessibility, but also because of its whiteness and vulnerable looking qualities. 


Two features resulted essential for the author’s practice. First, the white and monochrome paper created special visual effects related to the Ganzfeld’s phenomena, as well as violet or blueish tones in contained space due to the amount of  paper used. Second, the visitors’ response was particularly interesting, as many liked to explore and interact with the piece or simply hang out in it. One particular person said, “This place is so quiet. I haven’t felt at such peace in a long time”. And considering the piece was built in hectic London, this comment was received by the author as an exceptional compliment. Thus this piece is a turning point within the author’s practice, a truly 

germinal work. 

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Paper House, 2007

Woburn Research Centre

University College London


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